Jonny and Blake 2007ZERO DIVISION have a goal: To bring 80′s hard rock back on the map. Not by imitating anyone else, but by drawing inspiration from the music they love – and creating a sound that is first and foremost one thing: theirs. And the young band has been working at a fast pace. In the course of only one-and-a-half years, the quintet not only recorded two EPs, won a band competition and played various live shows, they grew individually and collectively; to something that is greater than the sum of its parts.

The story of ZERO DIVISION begins in late 2009, when vocalist Rufus Blake and guitarist Jonny C. Maverick decided to start a new band project. Having previously joined forces in the sleaze rock act Backseat Education, the band’s break-up left two aspiring musicians with an unfulfilled desire to bring their music to the stages. Sharing the same aspiration, the only logical solution was to collaborate once again.  Being fed up with continuously wandering from band to band without ever achieving the musical quality they so desperately searched for, the singer and guitarist aimed to connect their creativity with a professional work ethic. In order to complete the line-up they invited their longtime friends, namely Nathan Sky (keys) and Matt O. (bass) to play along. In May 2010, the band’s inception was finalized when the last missing member, Luke McLovin (drums), joined the cause. Deciding on the band name ZERO DIVISION, the quintet immediately started writing and recording songs.

Band rehearsal in 2010

Their first release, the completely self-produced eight-track EP Through the Night was released on August 30th, 2010 to mostly favorable reviews. Reviewers praised technical prowess and a fine sense for arrangement and melodies. Some select live shows followed, including an opening show in Solingen’s sold out Cobra venue and the victory of the Breaking the Silence band contest 2010. Despite their young age, the members of ZERO DIVISION work tirelessly for their dream: Connecting to people through music. The band’s trademark is its versatility, their music a combination of 80′s rock, power metal, video game and pop music. Their mission, the incorporation of these influences to their own distinct hard rock sound, reaches another milestone with their new EP Into the Unknown, featuring six brand-new songs. This upcoming release, not yet scheduled for a release date, carries the same promise that permeates the entire band: 100 % rock.


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