Matt O.’s Departure and New Bassist

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It’s been a long and stony way since the release of our second EP »Into the Unknown« last October. A lot of things have changed, while some stayed the same. The most crucial one concerns our bass player.

When we released our current CD, we were already looking for a new bass player, since Matt O. hasn’t been rehearsing with us for about a year. Most people who visited our recent concerts will have noticed the change in line-up and now it’s time to make it official: Matt O. is no longer part of ZERO DIVISION.

The main reason for our split is scheduling conflicts. His activity in other projects and a long stay abroad made time for rehearsing and concerts sparse. Sadly, we couldn’t find an arrangement that would satisfy both parties, so it was the only way to look for a replacement. A departure from a band is always difficult to handle and can strain friendships, but we’re happy to announce that there is no bad blood between us and we continue to support each other whenever possible.

He left a hole that was very difficult to fill, because he helped shape the sound and vision of our band. So naturally, finding someone new was a hard thing to do, not only because Matt’s contribution as a bass player but as a founding member and on-stage-persona. Luckily our band technician, Scott Anderson, was able to help out as a temporary touring bassist. He did his job so well, we invited him as a permanent member of our band.

Scott’s been a part of ZERO DIVISION since day one and whenever we needed a band technician, guitar roadie, driver or manager, he has been there to fill the spot. It’s been long due to get him in front of an audience and now is the time for him to shine. I trust you give him a warm welcome!

There are a lot of other things in the makings right now – I don’t want to give away too much, but we’re looking at some new video material for you! We’ll keep you posted.

How to get to Ahorn (German only)

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Hey guys,

as it’s highly unlikely any non-German-speaking people will attend the show this Saturday, the following information is only in German:

Wir freuen uns total auf das Konzert im Ahorn an diesem Samstag. Wie ihr der News-Sektion entnehmen könnt, ist der Eintritt zu dieser Veranstaltung komplett frei. Wie ihr zum Ahorn kommt, erfahrt ihr hier.

Einlass ist ab 20:00 Uhr und das Konzert beginnt gegen 22:00 Uhr.

Anreise mit der Bahn

Mit diesem Widget könnt ihr bequem ausrechnen, wie ihr von eurem Startbahnhof nach Rheinbach kommt. Plant ab Bonn Hbf eine halbe Stunde für die Anreise mit ein. – Anreiseformular

Von da aus geht es zu Fuß weiter und zwar diesem Weg folgend:

View Larger Map

Die letzte Bahn zurück aus Rheinbach Richtung Bonn fährt um 23:15.

Anreise mit dem Auto

Die Adresse für’s Navi lautet:

Deinzer Platz 1 / Lohmarkt 1

53559 Rheinbach

Alternativ benutzt einfach dieses Widget:

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In der kostenlosen Tiefgarage stehen ausreichend Parkplätze zur Verfügung.

Wir freuen uns auf euch!

Christmas Medley

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Hey guys :) !
Like last year, we made a short Christmas medley! Filmed and performed at our internal Christmas party, it’s a short acoustic set made of the songs »Die Alone«, »Life Is Today« and »Deflektor (Cover Your Light)«.

If you like our videos, be sure to subscribe :) .
Merry christmas and a rockin’ new year 2012 from Zero Division and crew!


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