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Deflektor – opening track of ‘Through the Night’ – for free!

Rufus Blake | News

As promised, here is our mystery song, Deflektor. It’s the first track of ‘Through the Night’, our EP that was released yesterday.

Video game veterans will know part of  the track from the puzzle game of the same name. Still, the vocals, the Jonny C.-guitar solo and the full lyrics make it far more than just a cover of an old video game tune. Give it a try – it’s free :) !

Rock on,

‘Through the Night’ – Debut EP Out Now

Rufus Blake | News

Hey people,

we are proud to announce the release of our very first CD! Our debut EP ‘Through the Night’ is OUT NOW!!! For ordering and shipping information please check the shop section on our homepage.

For only 3 €, you’ll get…

  • Eight songs
  • 35 minutes
  • 100 % rock

So, what are you waiting for :D ?

Rock on,

EP Release Date & Cover Online!

Rufus Blake | News
Through the Night Album Cover

That’s what the album cover will look like!

Hey guys (& gals, of course),

just a quick note that we decided on a release date for our first EP, “Through the Night”. Shipping will begin on August 31st, so we’d be thrilled if you’d mark this date in your calendar. We’re all pretty excited about our very first release. We hope you too!

Pricing and shipping information will be added on the day of release. For more information, a track list or the songs’ lyrics, head to our discography section.

To celebrate the release of our first physical record, we decided to put one song up for free on September 1st. Which song will it be? There’s only one way to find out! See you then :) !

Rock on,

Rufus Blake // ZD

First Video Online

Nathan Sky | News

Hey everyone!

We made a video of our photo shooting in Cologne which you can now watch in our Video section. Stay tuned!

Nathan Sky //ZD

Welcome to Zero Division!

Nathan Sky | News

Hello everyone,

welcome to our official blog. Here, we will keep you updated about everything going on in our camp and give you detailed information about what is happening in our band on a regular basis. We are still in the progress of putting everything together but we got a lot of stuff for you up our sleeve. Expect tons of merch, media and further content in the next weeks and months!

If you like what you hear and see on our page, please check out our Youtube channel and follow us on Twitter.

Take care,

Matt O.//ZD


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