Rufus Blake Leaves Zero Division

Rufus Blake | News
21 May 2015

His statement regarding his departure:

It’s official now: I will retire as lead vocalist of Zero Division and thus, the gig at Rhein in Flammen was my last.

After five wonderful years as the band’s frontman I have reached a point where I can’t go on with the same drive and devotion I set as a benchmark for myself and others.

Sometimes things evolve in unforeseen directions. And sometimes the excitement—the determination to go to any lengths for your goals—fades as time goes by and leaves a hole that is impossible to fill.

So for me, the time has now come to face new challenges and to begin a new chapter in my life. Still, I’m very happy I’m able to call these guys my friends. I’m proud of what we achieved together in the past five years. That won’t change.

It’s now for someone else to take over and, with new energy and fresh ideas, help advance the band in ways I can’t.

I wish these guys only the best of luck for the future. I hope you too continue to support them. We’ll meet each other in the crowd. :)

Rock on!
Rufus Blake